Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a few concerns before putting down a deposit. Listed below are some Facts on what we do, plus a few Questions people have asked us over the years. 

Are you my DJ?  Do you sub contract out other DJs?
No Bait & Switch. When you hire S & S Sound you are guaranteed that no other DJ is going to show up at your event. We book  just one event at a time so we can give your event the personal attention it deserves.  

"What type of music do you play?"  Your music. If we have it, we will play it, no questions asked. We play all the greatest hits spanning the past 80 years. Our music library is updated weekly. We are here to take you on a musical journey.  

"Will you still be in business the day of my event?"  Of course, your business is our livlihood. We stand behind our reliable reputation in the greater Atlanta area. We are proud to announce, we have NO history of cancellations.

"Do you talk, make announcements or just play music?"  We talk, BUT not too much. Some Djs do nothing but constantly talk and do not know when to shut up. Not us, we gladly play YOUR favorite style without interuptions & make necessary announcements within a timely manner. 

"Do you show up ahead of time to set upsed?"  We show up an hour early to set up. Our break down time is fast too. Listen up, some venues may charge extra if you're not out by a certain time. We're in & out really quick.

"Do you work with other Vendors?"  Yes. We are all in the same business together. I will gladly talk to any Event Planner, Photographer or Caterer  

FACT: It's very important to get all the details in writing with a signature. Do not rely on a verbal agreement. Our contract is ready to print right here on our Home page. 

"Do You have reliable equipment?" Yes. No history of equipment failure. We mix on Digital Turntables (CDJs), also known as Media USB controllers with Flash Drive or External Hard Drive capibility. Check out our DJ gear which offers the latest technology.  

FACT: We never use silly gimmicks or tasteless behavior to get people up and dancing. We never cause embarassment to you or your guests. Don`t worry, we are not going to sing over your songs OR force guests out their seats to do some new line dance. 

"Do you hang a Banner or Sign at Formal Events & Weddings?" No.

FACT: We provide all the necessary electrical cords and YES tables too, just in case you are unable to provide a table. Please let us know about tables. Most facilities already have a standard 6 foot non-decorated OR decorated skirted tables.

Fact: We DJ OUTDOORS for events such as Wedding Ceremonies, 10k Race / Marathon events, Family Reunions and Company picnics. 

"Do you charge extra to talk or make announcements?" Lately we have been hearing this. It`s ridiculous!! We do not charge extra to Emcee (MC). It`s our job to do this.  

"Do you do just weddings?" No. We do a variety of events with varying age groups & music requirements. 

"Do you take request?"  Yes. We want to hear your likes and dislikes. Let us know, if you prefer we DO NOT take request too. It's rare, but at times people prefer this recommendation.    

"Can you go into overtime if asked?" Yes. Overtime is based on a 30 minute time frame. 30 minute overtime rate works great because if for any reason you decide to call it quits, then you are not charged for a full hour.

FACT: There are no hidden charges. We do charge an inexpensive fee for the Wedding Ceremony. We do not charge for travel time, set up or breakdown of equipment.

"Do you take breaks while DJ'ing?"  No. Once we press play there is no stopping the music. However, we can stop the music if needed for any reason.

"Do you provide a wireless microphone?" YES. A Hand Held wireless Mic can be provided for FREE. Don't forget to ask.

"Do you allow people to come observe your DJ services?". No. We wouldn't mind, however we have to respect the privacy of our clients who consider their event to be private party status  

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