​Ready to Party Outdoors? Outdoor City Street Festivals is how we got started in 1993 in downtown Phoenix. The ATL is known for a variety of marathons. If your organization can RUN, WALK or SKATE outdoors, we have enough speakers to host your event. 

We also provide DJ services for the following: 5K & 10K Race Events, Corporate Events / Neighborhood Block Parties / Night Clubs / Class Reunions / Birthdays / Graduations / Anniversaries / Pool Parties / Holiday Parties  

Private parties, Birthdays, Family reunions, Company picnics...etc the current price for 4 hours is $800 (4 hours is the national average for private parties and special events). Special effects lighting is included with these events if needed. 

Wedding rates are $1200 for a 4 hour wedding reception. This price includes special effects lighting if needed. $1200 is also the national average for wedding receptions. Ceremony charge is $75. This price includes a free wireless hand held microphone.
Outdoor Events, Company Picnics, 10k Races
              Wedding Ceremonies & Wedding Receptions

 Priority #1 The Entertainment

 80% of your wedding day success depends on the entertainment. We have everything covered from the ring bearer down to the grandparents. Keep in mind, several weeks after your wedding is  over. Do you want everyone talking about how much fun they had? Or, Do you want people talking about how terrible the  entertainment was?

 The Reception

The timing of music, special wedding activities, parent dances, and announcements plays such a critical role in the overall flow of the reception. Unlike most events where the DJ is the main focus, weddings are just the opposite. It's important to keep the audience focused on the Bride & Groom. It`s YOUR day to shine, not the DJ. We can help create a Timeline of events for you OR take your careful suggestions into consideration. You're the Boss. If you have any unique ideas for your Bridal Party Introduction let us know. Also please inform us if you prefer a more Interactive performance, or a more low key performance. Listed below are the familiar wedding activities we provide.


FACT: Being forced to participate is a big NO!!!  Any DJ who bullies folks onto the dance floor to catch a bouquet, do a certain dance quickly annoys people.  Remember nobody wants to hear a DJ constantly talking throughout the wedding. Yes, we keep your wedding flowing with announcements and fun activities...but never over the top. 

FACT: During dinner, we NEVER play music at a loud VOLUME. In the early stages of receptions most people want to mingle, drink and eat some good food. We know what music is appropriate to play and when the time is right to actually play it. 

FACT:  We will make all your announcements with clear pronunciation at the right volume. People always ask us, if guests are allowed to come up a make a toast. Of course, we encourage it.  We have an open mic policy for everyone. Some Brides just want to dance, therefor Brides may NOT want  too many speeches & toasts, so microphone restrictions may apply.   

FACT:  MUSIC MATTERS!!  We insist on hearing your PLAYLIST & DO NOT PLAYLIST. We are not your typical cheesy DJ service!  ORGANIZED DANCE SONGS such as electric slide, macarena, the dougie, cupid shuffle, cha cha slide, the wobble etc are not played unless given permission by the Bride. No worries with us..we are not here to incite a last minute FLASH MOB or make any guests get up to sing, dance or make a long speech. Fads come and go, however you are in charge...we will leave that up to you.   

 The Ceremony

Let's be honest, most wedding ceremonies are 25-45 minutes. For an additional charge ranging from $65 -$120, we can provide all the wedding music needed. Furthermore, we will gladly play any special music YOU put on CD or FLASHDRIVE for your ceremony or reception. We will also download this for you!!  Some Brides prefer a customized blend of music for their ceremony. Then again, some Brides prefer the standard ceremony music to be played for their wedding ceremony. If your wedding ceremony is outdoors, we can handle that too.   

For Brides we have provided 3 highlighted links listed below under WEDDING FORMS to print out which are the Wedding Reception Questionnaire and the  Bridal Party Introduction Sheet. The 2 WEDDING FORMS listed below are very important for both the DJ & the BRIDE to make sure BOTH have a complete understanding on what is to be expected throughout your wedding.  Feel free to print this Request Sheet as many times as needed. Most Brides use this REQUEST link listed below to create a specific list of songs that work well throughout Dinner and when it is time to open up the dance floor. A separate REQUEST SHEET can also be printed for songs you DO NOT want played

 Recommendations From Us

1) Look over the DJ contract carefully, Sign, Xerox OR screenshot  a copy for yourself on your phone, then mail back to us with a 50% deposit 
2) Contact the Venue and inform them you will need TWO 6 foot banquet tables for the DJ s equipment, preferably near an electrical outlet & the dance floor.
3) When trying to create your playlist of songs, keep your family & friends in mind.
4) One week prior to the big day call us OR text / email any music requests or event requirements. This is the perfect time to pay the remaining balance & write down any pronunciations of specific names. 4 days prior to your wedding, we recommend to contact us again to go over  any last minute changes OR extra music downloads.
5) Don`t forget to ask about a handheld wireless microphone, special effects lighting for dancing OR mood uplighting for dinner...It`s All FREE.

​                                          Music Suggestions for Wedding Activities and Special Dances:

Wedding Party Introductions    Bride & Groom    Father & Bride    Mother & Groom    Cake Cutting  

Bridal Party    Garter Removal    Bouquet Toss  

Additional Wedding Music Ideas for Cocktail Hour, Dinner Music & Special Dances:

Standard Love Songs, RnB Jams, Top 40, Jazz, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Country and more (1,026 Songs)


Wedding Forms

Bridal Party Introduction Sheet,     Wedding Reception Questionnaire,

Request Sheet/Do Not Playlist​


Wedding Customer Testimonials  

Sisul-Young Wedding Bergstrom-Ayers Wedding Millen-Colby Wedding 

Montgomery-O'Kelley Wedding Roland-Ruble Wedding Castleberry-Martin Wedding ,  

Saladrigas-Driver Wedding Bourke-Wright Wedding  Amos-Goode Wedding 

McAdams-Tamasi Wedding Marsilio-Farmer Wedding San Filippo-Jacobsen Wedding 

Brannon-Steuterman Wedding  

Marsilio-Farmer Wedding 

​Scott was a pleasure to work with, his planning and preparation really helped our daughters wedding be a big hit.

Bride Brook Williams  Wedding

S & S Sound rocked my Valentine wedding. Scott you were fabulous. We have not been in the North GA area too long. Your wedding (SnSSound) website was really helpful in finding a place within a few weeks. We wanted a small wedding with just close friends and family, no photo booth and wedding extras. Just good friends and some good tunes. We are thankful for you and our friends for coming through on such a short notice, especially with the crazy weather. Scott, again job well done.

Bride Kathy Murray 

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did several weeks ago for my Christmas wedding. We were skeptical about going with a DJ at first because we went to wedding in September where the DJ was so over the top. You mentioned over the phone about being more laid back throughout dinner and then picking up the pace after dinner....that`s exactly what we wanted. You played what my guests liked...even my Grandfather danced. Thanks for returning my calls and emails throughout the entire planning too.

Bride Francesca Ellis

I called Scott with S & S Sound, when I needed a DJ for a Wedding Reception. Scott was always available to answer my questions and he worked closely with me in regards to any changes I wanted to make. I created a spreadsheet for Scott that listed the Reception timeline and announcements I wanted to be made during the Reception, as well as songs I wanted to be played. 

Due to my Bridesmaids and I being late, the timeline I created got thrown off and everything could have easily turned into a disaster. Because Scott has experience as a DJ, not once did he fret..he tossed that timeline to the side and had my Wedding guest on that dance floor. He was able to make all the announcements, first dances, garter toss, bouquet toss, toast and music request, as if nothing had even fallen off schedule.

Scott was very professional and was able to accommodate our needs like it was second nature. He stayed calm and has a good ear for music to keep everyone in your crowd flooded on the dance floor. The age range for our Wedding guest was 2 yrs old to 85 yrs young and we all had a blast!!!

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